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The Company

Le Colline the small Manufactur

Le Colline our passion for fine food and our love for Calabria: the region of Italy we call home.  From start to finish, we go the extra mile to ensure that you, our customers and patrons, are delivered a pure and unrefined extra virgin olive oil.  We at Le Colline are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by 500 miles of Mediterranean coast which provides us with an immensely favorable climate for the production of olive oil.  This fertile environment, combined with organic fertilization, extraction through our state-of-the-art cold press in our new mill, and advanced bottling process has delivered to us, what we hope, is the best and last olive oil you’ll ever wish to buy. We strive to provide a product of excellent quality and color paired with the added health benefits that come from a truly organic extra virgin olive oil.  Enjoy!