Le Colline, rediscover the original Taste

We at Le Colline, using only the finest ingredients available, have set for ourselves the task of producing traditional, distinctive, and higher quality foods from Calabria, Italy.  Confident that we have achieved our goal, Le Colline is proud to present an offering of foods so delicious that even the discerning connoisseur will surely be pleased. Le Colline prides itself in its traditional methods of harvesting and processing foods which, fortunately, result in a remarkable tasting product that is equally distinctive and beneficial for both our clients and our environment.

Our olive oils, the most prized centerpiece of our offerings, are hand harvested to allow for the conservation of not only our trees but other natural resources as well. In addition, harvesting in this eco- friendly manner results in a higher quality and yield of the fruit. Subsequently, we cold press our olives using limited pressure which helps produce a superior product. The final result of our passionate and skilled endeavor is olive oil worthy of many Silver and Gold Medal in the New York and World Wide Olive Oil Competitions.