The Calabrian nature is the origin of Le Colline

Piero Caruso (56), founder and owner of Le Colline is a traditional Italian and deeply connected to his homeland. After experience in the fashion industry and fine dining, it was time for Piero Caruso to return to his roots. The love of high-quality, traditional Calabrian cuisine should be the impetus. On the coast of Calabria in the Bay of Sybaris, olive growing and pressing are part of a long tradition that Piero got to know through his grandfather. The old trees have been in the family's possession for more than 150 years, so it was only natural that Piero wanted to use the family's know-how and enter the nature-related business of the oil manufacturer.

Le Colline was born as a high-quality olive oil manufacturer, which has regularly received high-quality awards to this day. The knowledge of several generations and the perfect location on the coast of Calabria are the cornerstone for top quality olive oil. Since Piero is not only a gourmet for olive oil, he went looking for small manufacturers that could produce the highest quality products. This created further product groups such as pasta, sauces, antipasti and jams. All products are of course regularly checked by Piero. Colline's goal is to bring traditional Calabrian cuisine to the world.